Getting started guide


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Getting started guide

Set up your Octavio Maestro speaker on your Wi-Fi network and enjoy all your music your music in Hi-Fi quality.

Toute cette configuration est également disponible en vidéo sur notre site, vous indiquant en images les étapes nécessaires pour configurer votre appareil.


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Installation and connection

Connect your Octavio Maestro to a power supply using the cable provided.

Please wait until the LED on the top of your speaker flashes slowly (about 2 times per second) in white.


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Setting up your Wi-Fi network

If this is your first installation of an Octavio system :

  1. Open the Octavio Virtuose application.
  2. Accept the various authorizations required for the application to work properly.
  3. Click on Configure an Octavio system, then follow the configuration steps.

If you already have an Octavio system :

  1. Open the Octavio Virtuose application.
  2. Go to the Devices tab.
  3. Click on the + icon at the top left of your screen, then follow the various configuration steps.


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Device Controls

Change audio source

Press and hold the central touch button on the top of your Octavio Maestro to change audio source.

Octavio Maestro's LED indicates which audio source is being used :

Restore Wi-Fi settings or enter configuration mode

To restore your Octavio's Wi-Fi settings and enter configuration mode, press and hold the "<" and ">" buttons for 5 seconds.


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Broadcast your music

Now you're ready to listen to your music.

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