Getting started guide


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Getting started guide

Set up your new Octavio device on your Wi-Fi network and enjoy all your music in high fidelity without delay.

All the setup videos you need are available on our website, showing you the steps you need to take to set up you amplifier.

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Connect your Octavio AMP to your speakers using the terminals on the rear panel. If you have banana plugs, plug them into the appropriate slots.

If your speaker cables are bare wires, unscrew the Octavio AMP terminals and connect your cables, taking care to tighten the amplifier terminals.

Once your speakers are connected, simply plug Octavio AMP's power supply into the appropriate connector.


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Please check that your phone is connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Open the Octavio application ("Octavio" from the App Store or Play Store) and authorize access to the necessary settings.

If you want to connect your Octavio AMP by cable to your Internet network, simply connect an Ethernet cable from your router to your amplifier.

If you wish to connect your Octavio AMP to Wi-Fi, please connect the external antenna supplied with your product to the slot provided (near the Octavio AMP terminal blocks).

It is necessary to follow the configuration steps in the mobile application even if your amplifier is connected via Ethernet.


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Understanding the status of your device

The Octavio AMP front panel features an indicator light.

If the signal light flashes, the device is not connected to the Internet.


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Controls of the device


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Inputs and outputs


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Technical specifications

Amplification power (with 24V power supply) :


2 x 35W (8Ω) 

2 x 65W (4Ω) 

Over 92% efficiency

THD less than 0,005% for 1W 

Audio imputs : 

Auxiliary (RCA) x2 

Optical (Toslink) 

USB (media playback) 

Audio outputs : 

Cables or banana plugs can be connected Subwoofer output (for subwoofer)

Audio Formats :



Burr Brown PCM1798 up to 24 bits / 192 kHz

Differential architecture for filtered, undisturbed sound

Optical / RCA: 

Compatibility up to 24 bits / 192 kHz


Wi-Fi 802.11 - 2,4 GHz/5 GHz 

External antenna